Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Apartment Hunting Torture Chamber

Ever since hearing back from the internship, I've been on constant surveillance of apartments and sublets, all to no avail. I'm not sure where to start, to be honest. Craigslist? Reality Management? Feelers have been sent out the furthest reaches of the world!

But you know what I've learned in the day and a half of looking? It takes some series cahonas to move -- legitly move. I've talked big about moving for a few years now (wanderlust, save me) but it's never been so real as the prospect of a summer in the city.

Now it's real. And it's happening.

We're fishing in sites like padmapper and craigslist. We're scouring facebook for possible hook-ups. I'm twittering up a storm (@pashleyy). But still... nothing.

We refuse to give up hope, however. We refuse to surrender. This is a once in a lifetime chance to do something remarkable. So we're going to do it.

Something remarkable.