Thursday, May 17, 2012

On Hailing Cabs and Finding Grounded Stars

Day One in New York City... check.

Well, half a day, I reckon. It was an adventure, to be sure. My feet are sore, my Toms are dirty, and I've learned that I can suck down a rum and coke in five minutes flat (you learn something new everyday).

Today has taught me three things:

1. Expect delays within the first 5 feet of Manhattan.

2. Hailing a taxi in front of the Hilton on Avenue of the Americas is HARD.

3.  Toting a teal teddy bear around with you will not increase your chances.

We also went to BookOff, one of three stores in the entire country that sells discounted manga, DVDs, and books. It was pretty rad. There were also epic searches for bathrooms (honestly, do I HAVE to buy something to use your toilet? I'll tip you five bucks if you let me pee in that commode), epic searches for $5 margaritas, and epic unpacking escapades. I learned that it takes 4 shower curtain rings for our shower curtain to reach the floor as to prevent The Great Flood from filling up our tiny bathroom. I learned that there is no such thing as a cheap meal. And I learned that many New Yorker women really do wear heels. And here I thought it was just a Hollywood Film thing.

There are several ways to end this entry, but I think I'll end it with a heartfelt goodnight. I think Courtney and I deserve some sleep.


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  1. looks like you two are having fun trying to get a taxi in that photo haha. Brings me back to my days when I use to go to the big cities up north except we always rode the subway and it was awesome! Kinda! Not really -_-! Anyway have fun and be careful in the city!