Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Our First Day: Pants Wetting, Umbrella Fails, Singin' in the Rain, & Upskirting - Marilyn tyle!

Rain in New York City is TERRIBAD. Either the wind manages to circumvent the buildings well enough to blow it SLANTWISE, or it ricochets off the walls. It is omnipresent and unavoidable. IT IS A MEANIE FACE.

On our way to work, these are the adventures we had:

1. We experienced the quickest Starbucks stop I've ever fenagled on the corner of 78th and Lexington. 

2. We realized it was raining, and if we sang, we could say we were singin' in the rain on the way to our first day. Ashley sang a line of this:

And I sang this as dramatically as possible.

Event #3. I wet my pants. The rain's MEAN, I'm telling you.

I've been saying for weeks that I'm going to wet myself when I get to NYC. MY PROPHECY CAME TRUE. The first thing I had to do at the Tower was hunt down a bathroom with a hair dryer.

4. New York City weather also has the personality of a pervy male manga otaku. One of these moments was totally involved.

6.  This happened to both of us simultaneously.

7. I showed up at the Tower looking like this:

Even though Ashley still looked impeccable. Especially the hair.

8.  We went to work. On our first day, we got to work a little bit with Sailor Moon and Air Gear. SQUEE <3



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  2. The third name in the first video... is mine. :D